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Meet Christina. Christina lives in Migungani Village, Tanzania.

She makes her living as both a farmer and entrepreneur. She farms her plot of land and sells sardines out of her home. During the summer, if she has enough extra food, she sets up a small tea and snack stand in her village.

From this, Christina earns about $7 a day.

Like mothers everywhere, Christina’s chief concern is the health and welfare of her child. Unlike mothers in the developed world, Chrisina’s reality is one in which each day, over 424 children die before their fifth birthday.

According to the World Health Organization, three quarters of these deaths can be prevented through cost-effective interventions. 

Should Christina’s son ever fall very sick, her earnings of $7 a day would, most likely, not provide him with the medical care he needs.


Just imagine what one day of your pay could mean to Christina, and communities like Migungani Village. You could help:

  • Supply hospitals with medical equipment,
  • Train communities in disease prevention, and;
  • Prevent nutrient deficiencies in children by teaching mothers about nutrition and child development.

CPAR is looking to donors like you to Donate a Day and help us build healthy communities in Africa.

So we ask…   Can you donate one day of your pay?


Your gift can be a lifeline to a family in rural Africa. 

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