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Limbu lives with his wife and children in a small home in Mihale Village, Tanzania. He earns his living by farming crops and taking care of a small heard of cattle.

Limbu makes $3 a day.

If you ask Limbu what he is most concerned with, he would tell you it is the environment. He is a farmer; he depends on natural resources for his livelihood. However, changes in climate, erratic weather patterns, and the cutting down of trees are creating more frequent droughts and causing food shortages for Limbu and farmers like him.

Limbu is working with CPAR to combat the effects of climate change. Earlier this year, Limbu learned about biogas systems, which use fermented cow dung to release flammable gas that is then used for home cooking and lighting. Biogas reduces household dependency on wood and coal for fuel and helps protect the environment.

The initial expenses of constructing a biogas system are high. With a salary of $3 a day, Limbu would not have been able to make the change from coal to biogas without CPAR’s support.

Just imagine how one day of your pay could help Limbu, and farmers like him, fight against climate change everyday:

  • Plant trees to help fight soil erosion and absorb carbon emissions.
  • Provide training and expertise on biogas systems to decrease pollution and dependency on coal and wood for fuel.
  • Provide families with fruit trees to increase nutrition and income.

CPAR is asking donors like you to Donate a Day of your pay and help change the lives of African farmers.

So we ask…   Can you donate one day of your pay?

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 Your gift can be a lifeline to a family in rural Africa.